Here are some frequently asked questions to make your buying decision easier.


Q: What is the difference between your Adore Bracelets and others?

A: Most of the other similar bracelets you see advertised online are manufactured cheaply and sold cheaply. The saying goes "buy cheap, pay twice" and that is especially true with jewelry. Cheap adore bracelets are often made from poor quality nickel or mixed metals. These will feel lighter, fade within weeks, be damaged from water contact, and can cause horrible rashes and skin irritation.

The jewelry sold by Celebrity Inspired is specially manufactured with High Grade 316 Stainless Steel. We apply durable thick Gold Micron Plating with the correct 18k Gold Coloring. All our bracelets are dependable with a nice solid weight. Our customers (over 4,000 of them) love our products and we are often featured on many popular and trusted fashion blogs.


Q: Do your bracelets come with a screwdriver?

A: If you order our Adore Bracelets they will arrive as two halves fastened together with two small screws. A screwdriver is always provided with each bracelet to allow opening, closing and tightening of the bracelet.


Q: What is your reputation?

A: We take a huge amount of pride in what our customers say about our jewelry and level of service. Please read their comments and see our customer re-posts on our social media (IG: @CelebrityInspired) if you have any doubt we are the people to buy from. We sometimes compile our favorite reviews here: REVIEWS. We have over 4,000 happy customers and hope you will become one of them.


Q: I live in ......., do you ship there?

A: We ship to most countries. Shipping is always FREE, no matter where you are! We have happy customers located all over the world. We do NOT ship to the United Arab Emirates, Africa, Mexico, and most parts of Asia. If you're unsure just leave us a message.


Q: Is your jewelry branded?

A: There is no branding, engravings or markings on any of our pieces. The products in the photos are what we sell!


Q: Are your bracelets waterproof?

A: Although we'd advise not wearing them while swimming or immersing your hands in water, many of our customers shower with the jewelry on and have seen no sign of discoloration.


Q: How do I find out my ring size?

A: Use the Find My Ring Size website. Our jewelry comes under 'Fashion'. Can't find the size you're looking for? Do send us an email as we have a few spare rings in smaller and larger sizes.


Q: Is there an alternative payment method?

A: If you are having problems with our card processor you can pay the total amount at www.Paypal.me/CelebrityInspired. Please leave your order details in the notes or email us after to confirm.


Q: The product I want is out of stock!

A: Sorry! Please email us letting us know what you are trying to purchase. We will add your email address to a list and you'll be first to know when the product becomes available again. We make our decisions on what to re-stock next based on customer demand, so we really appreciate when we hear from you.


Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: Orders are usually fulfilled within 2 days of being made. Postage then takes between 1 - 3 days for the UK, 4 - 6 days for Europe, 7 - 10 days for USA and 9 - 14 days for the rest of the world.


Q: Can I promote your items amongst my friends?

A: Please do. If you promote our items to your friends and they have purchased as a result of your introduction, send us an email and we will give you a discount code for your next order! We also run a bloggers program. If you have a popular blog or large social media following do get in contact for information on how we can work together!


Q: I have lost one of my bracelet screws - How do I go about getting a replacement?

A: We advise that bracelet screws are tightened regularly, however we understand these are small items and can sometimes be misplaced. We have now set up a special product category page on the website for you to purchase replacement screws for your Celebrity Inspired Adore Bracelets. You can also buy replacement screwdrivers.


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