Product Care

Our bracelets are made from Stainless Steel. We use this material because it is strong, durable and very easy to keep clean. It does not need to be cleaned often and reflects the light which gives it that beautiful shine. The bracelets rarely tarnish and are difficult to scratch. 

Here's some top tips for looking after them:
- Avoid contact with water (especially seawater + swimming pools) and perfumes
- Remove jewelry before going to bed
- Keep your jewelry separate - gold with gold, stainless with stainless etc.
- For extra protection keep your bracelet in the box it arrived in
- Avoid high temperatures, high humidity (steam) & sweat
To clean we recommend using a soft cloth and warm water. A mild detergent can be used. Never use abrasive cleaners or wax. If using a polish ensure it's non-toxic and your cloth is very soft to avoid scratching.
If you have a Yellow Gold or Rose Gold plated bracelet it's even more important to not use abrasive cleaning fluids such as metal cleaners with high acid or high alkali PH. Always use cleaners with low PH.
If your bracelet becomes very dirty then it is possible to use a toothbrush with white non-silica toothpaste to get to those hard to reach areas (like the indented bolts on the Adore bracelets). Use a different clean toothbrush to clean off exccess toothpaste.


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